Takuma Sarutobi
Wild Fire (荒火, Arahi)
Basic Information
BirthdayJuly the 8th
Age12 years old
Weight79 lb.
Personal Information

Sarutobi Sarutobi Clan

K.G/A.N{{{Kekkei Genkai/Advanced Nature}}}
Chakra ColorLight blue
Shinobi RankGenin
Shinobi SkillGenin
Academy Grad. Age12 years old
Nature Type
Kunai (cost 2 points, 10 points used): 5 kunai.

Shuriken (cost 1.5 points, 18 points used): 12 shuriken.

Smoke Bomb (cost 3 points each, 9 points used): 3 smoke bombs.

Paper Bomb (cost 4 points)

Total: 41/50 points.

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Background InformationEdit

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Personality & BehaviorEdit

Takuma is an upbeat and gung ho character, often noted for these qualities and the little intricacies that such qualities can bring when they grow on even a child throughout their years.

Given his cheerful outlook on things, Takuma is known to be the optimist of any bad situation and takes what he can from it to make the good. This can make him a relief to have on the team, his positive attitude and atmosphere helping to alleviate some if not all tension and stress present in dire situations. While obviously not always needed, this can make Takuma a desired person just on this alone. However, blind optimism does not come without its faults.

Part of Takuma's upbeat nature also comes from some confidence to give such a thing backbone and even inspire courage in the young one. Despite these good things, Takuma is still just a kid and he doesn't know when to hold himself back which may often make him the type to step out of line. This can sometimes jeopardize some of the missions he can go on, and other times just making him simply disrespectful when he otherwise shouldn't be. But it is still this courage which gives him a great will to fight for his country, for his family, so that he may protect his loved ones.

For the most part, the other side of Takuma's personality is his willingness to fight and perform at his best. Conscious or not, this mainly comes from his goal and dream to be able to protect his family and the innocent of this village. Determination through brimstone and fire will make him an honorable soldier when the time comes.


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Skill Level Strength Stamina Speed Intelligence Ninjutsu Genjutsu Taijutsu Hand Seals Total
Genin 1.5 2.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 0.5 2 1 12






Training Edit