Hichi Clan
RōmajiHichi Ichizoku
Kekkei Genkai

Blood Release Blood Release

Known Members

The Hichi clan is a small gathering of people who have the innate ability of the Blood Release, a dangerous and sometimes sought after KG that makes the family unique. The Hichi are somewhat nomadic in nature, clan leaders often looking for the best of their own people through economic and emotional means. Because of this, they generally have no place to settle but still manage to keep strong ties amongst various nations–even some of the five great nations.

Among the strongest of these ties, the Hichi find their greatest ally the Land of Lightning, where whenever residing there they have been treated most lavishly given the country's economic health and their interest in hiring the deadly shinobi. However, there have been times in history where the Hichi have been persecuted given their abilities, especially at times whenever they have no beneficial country to settle in and thus they have to resort to the life style of a missing-nin.