Explosion Release: All-Encompassing Blast
EnglishExplosion Release: All-Encompassing Blast

Explosion Release Kekkei Genkai

, Hiden; Ninjutsu

Explosion Release Explosion Release

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Jutsu EffectsEdit

Attaching the wide-cone barrel to his chakra gun, Kyūzō quickly builds up an uncompressed amount of chakra. This chakra then fires off with an excessive amount of force, creating a great explosion that encompasses a wide area like a small wall but only with enough force to cover a short distance 3-4 feet (at least this is the power of which primary injuries may take place).

The explosive force of this jutsu has enough power to kill anyone caught within its initial range, with the 3rd degree burns from the explosion itself and the many other types of pressure damage that would also occur from the explosion. Because of this, this jutsu is very dangerous to those caught within it and can make for a quick kill of those foolish enough to try and take Kyūzō head on.


  • Can easily kill those who fall into the blast's range.
  • Can affect those out of range as well, but only through more minor ways rather than how the fatal primary zone can be.


  • If the user chooses to use only one arm in doing this, their chosen arm will become dislocated and perhaps have some muscle torn given the violent blast of the jutsu (will require 2 rounds in order to adjust the arm back into place, muscle will still most likely be very torn).