Blood Release
EnglishBlood Release
Basic Information
ClanHichi Clan

Water Release Water Release

Yang Release Yang Release

Known Wielders

Blood Release (血遁, Chiton, Blood Style) is a combined nature transformation kekkei genkai made up of techniques that combine the yang and water chakra to create and manipulate blood in multiple and various ways. The most common however is manipulating the platelets in the blood via increasing their count, and then using their chakra-enhanced abilities to harden and act for various offensive and defensive purposes. Because of the nature regarding these techniques and how they cause harm to the individual, most of the techniques belonging in this jutsu are often labeled as kinjutsu.

Also, unlike some kekkei genkai, the blood release is innately born with and user's must often learn how to separate this kekkei genkai into its counterparts before learning any other natures.